Big Data possibilitiesin performance marketing

We increase campaign efficiency by up to 700%

Reaching clients more effectively with DMP and DSP technology

We create online strategies based on advanced analysis of users profiles by cooperating with Data Management Platform (DMP). We also cooperate with a DSP and because of that you can create a bidding model to increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

15 - 20 % higher RO

due to data usage in marketing and sales

Increase effectiveness. Use data in performance campaigns

Know the profile of your audience

By using a DMP you will know your audience, their interests, and also shopping intentions.

Create personalized ads

Prepare your ads based on the analysis of online behaviour and display them only to potentially interested users.

Create segments tailored to your brief

Create your audiences of any characteristics by using the largest in Europe database that analyzes the behaviour of online users.

Use unique data that is in compliance with RODO

Run campaigns in compliance with legal regulations. Use unique data of quality confirmed by the Nielsen DAR standards.

Use a transparent model for payments

Defining the ways of cooperation is important for us. We employ clear principles in terms of settling campaigns and use high-quality, transparent data.

One of the largest in the world data warehouse

We have an access to the DMP technology that allows us to analyze the behaviour of online users in detail. The platform provides an access to the largest in Europe database with data concerning the behaviour of online users.


of analysed online profiles in Poland


SEM / Social Ads

SEM / Social Ads

Your website will appear at the top of search results and will be easy to spot in social media. By running campaigns you will increase your sales.

RTB / Programmatic

RTB / Programmatic

We run campaigns in automatic model to reach an audience in the right place and time.



We will create a partnership program for your brand and increase the effectiveness of marketing. You will pay only for the effect.



We run video campaigns and optimize them to reach the highest ratio of the watched creations.

Mobile and geotagging

Mobile and geotagging

Mobile ads are targeted to the profile of your audience and also to the place where the audience currently is. For instance, shopping malls or stadiums.

Media planning & buying

Media planning & buying

We cooperate with the largest publishers in the country and obtain preferential prices for the purchase of media.

Mailing campaigns

Mailing campaigns

We run mailing campaigns focused on high conversion. We report and optimize our activities.

Campaign optimization

Campaign optimization

We monitor runingcampaigns and optimize activities for the budget to be used as more effectively as it is possible.

We start from Big Data Analysis. Knowing your audience
is the key factor for a campaign to be effective

1. Analysis

At the beginning, we add codes into a website and closely analyse profiles of the audience. We prepare a report - Audience Report.

2. Planning

We prepare a strategy on the basis of the behavioural analysis. We create target groups and choose the right forms and channels of communication.

3. Processing

We start a campaign closely adapted to the audience and monitor effects. Data is constantly collected from the campaign.

4. Optimization

On the basis of the analyzed data from your campaign, we optimize the process and choose the best converting groups and ads.

5. Reporting and recommendations

We demonstrate the performance report and the analysis of the audience profiles. We indicate the most effective channels as well as creations and recommend marketing activities.

Big Data analysis in performance campaign means an impressive effectiveness