The power of Big Data in Content Marketing campaigns

Increase the engagement in content campaigns
by knowing your audience

Content is not enough anymore

To make content marketing campaigns more and more effective, analytical support is required. We use the Big Data analysis and high-quality data to thoroughly understand the profile of your audience and target personalized messages to them.

3x more

sale leads are generated by content marketing than display marketing

Use the potential of Big Data Content Marketing

Personalize content and ads

Know the profile of your audience that receives the content and use content marketing data to run retargeting campaigns precisely

Measure the effectiveness

Measure the range and effectiveness of content marketing materials. Check who of the readers will visit your website.

Publish articles with traffic guarantee

Start to cooperate with relevant services and have a traffic guaranteed on the webpages with articles.

Increase the range and conversion

Use data and reach digital twins of the best converting users (look-alike).

Content marketing powered by the Big Data technology

In our content marketing campaigns we use the technology of Data Marketing Platform. It is the largest platform in Europe that processes data concerning the behaviour of online users.


markets on which we analyze data about profiles of Internauts


profiles from Polish market


Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing

Based on a Big Data analysis of the audience profiles, we choose to cooperate with the influencers that are well-known in a given target group.

Creating a blog

Creating a blog

We will create a blog for Your company and, by employing data analysis and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, develop a strategy for its expansion.

Cooperation with editorial offices

Cooperation with editorial offices

Publishers are selected based on the analysis of audience profiles. We offer themed websites where there is the greatest chance to reach clients.

Copywriting and infographics

Copywriting and infographics

We prepare a high-quality content and illustrations tailored to the needs of users and that will help you to sell your product or service

Buzz marketing

Buzz marketing

We help to initiate conversations and positive recommendations concerning your brand.



We create engaging stories for your brand. We use AI algorithms and Big Data to create a story that your clients would like to know.

How do we run Content Marketing campaigns?

In content-based campaigns we employ data consulting experience. We precisely analyze a profile of a target group as well as measure behaviour of an audience and the effectiveness of our messages. All this to attract interest, engage, and increase conversion.

1. Website audience analysis

At the beginning we collect information concerning your audience and analyze their behavioural profiles.

2. Planning of the campaign

Information gained from the data analyzes are used to plan personalized performance and content campaigns.

3. Content distribution

In cooperation with the top Polish publishers and influencers, we publish carefully prepared content targeted at the selected group.

4. Retargeting and look-alike modeling

Based on the analysis of profiles that belong to the best converting users, we search for look-alike profiles, and then display them ads to increase the range of campaign.

5. Reporting

We provide a detailed report from the campaign. We present the analysis of the users’ profiles and present detailed results that are the effectiveness of the campaign, number of clicks, conversions or visits to product websites.

We reach an engaged audience in the whole country

Popular influencers

22 K

of creators in our database

Reach the right target group and measure the effects with Big Data analysis