Increasing the number of reservations for the leader of tourist services in the CEE region

234%of return from the data-driven campaign for the leader of tourist services in CEE region. .

Our goal


Our goal

increasing the number of reservation in facilities that belong to the largest managers of mountain resorts and tourist services in Central and Eastern Europe.



As a part of our cooperation, we were responsible for running a comprehensive campaign with 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data that were integrated and managed on the Data Management Platform (DMP). While processing the campaign mountain resorts of our client were promoted.

Collecting data about the campaign audience

Pixels were implemented into all earlier mentioned websites. Those pixels allowed us to collect anonymous data about the audience that saw the content, and store it on the DMP (Data Management Platform).

Next, we prepared behavioural reports about the audience of blogs that allowed us to gain information about their interests, demography and intentions that we used to create the custom and look-alike segments.

Behavioural analysis of users’ profiles

We started by using 1st party data that means behavioural analysis of users on all of the websites. It allowed us to know profiles of the best converting clients that are all who made a transaction after visiting the website. Next, we targeted campaigns to people with characteristics similar to the best converting profiles.

SEM and display campaign

We found target groups for the campaign thanks to the 3rd party data available in the data warehouse that belongs to Cloud Technologies. Machine learning algorithms helped us to distinguish profiles that are the most similar to the ones of the best converting users on the website. The whole pull of profiles was more than 27 bn.



ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend)


CTR in the content marketing campaign


conversion ratio from the content marketing campaign

Increase the effectiveness of the campaign thanks to high-quality data

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